SERUM TIPS – Cream of the crop

Serum Tips

~ Serums are the most active and concentrated  products that can be used from a skincare range.

~ Results are almost instantaneous as they are typically boosters to improve or rectify a specific element or function of the skin. For example, when the skin is lacking oil (lipids, as seen with dry skins), Serum Nutrition Extreme relieves the feeling of discomfort. It injects nourishment quickly back into the skin cells with Argan and Hemp oils and re-balances a dry skin’s condition with its Omegas contained within. Remember, every cell in our body is lined with lipids or fats, therefore oil is essential to every skin type. Just like fats are essential to our diets.

~ Serums can be water based or oil based. They can be worn under moisturiser or alone depending on what the skin needs. Many clients may be recommended to wear their serum alone at night so that as the skin is naturally healing and repairing, your serum works with this function and enhances the results come the morning.

~ Use your serum regularly until your skin finds balance (your skincare regime is best directed by your skin therapist). Then you can use it just at certain times of the year to boost the skin.

~ Be sure to work oily serums into the skin by massaging your face and neck with your fingertips. You want the oils to penetrate, particularly at night. They are no good on your pillow!

~ PHYT’S serums include: