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Stimulating Lotion – Follicle Treatment

This follicle treatment is a mineralising and toning lotion for the scalp. The lotion nourishes and stimulates thanks to its wealth of minerals and essential oils. It provides an invigorating and energizing action on the scalp and hair follicle. Use alongside PHYT’S Shampoo Traitant and conditioner Demel+. All of these products bring alive the hair and condition it. Strengthen, smooth and give shine to all types of hair. The products balance the scalp so therefore will suit all skin and hair types: oily, dry, all between and coloured tresses!

Ingredients: Water, Lavender flower water*, hydrolysed wheat protein, sea salt extract, Meadowsweet flower extract*, Restharrow root extract*, Alfalfa extract*, Marjoram extract*, Bilberry fruit extract*, Black currant leaf extract* , Copper sulfate, Thyme flower/leaf oil* , Cinnamon bark oil*, Ylang Ylang flower oil*

 *Organic ingredients. 100% of the ingredients have a natural origin.

100% MADE IN FRANCE, Ecocert, Cosmebio, Qualité France