Your skin is prone to dryness, dermatitis and/or allergies, the line Nutrition Extreme brings relief, soothing, and nourishment due to its high level of Argan oil, Hemp oil and Shea Butter. The aim of this Line is to balance a dry skin. These 100% natural and organic oils contain omega 3 and 6 to calm inflammation, skin tightness and rosacea. These products are very rich and contain a high level of oils. As well as restoring essential fatty acids, the skin looks smooth and glows. When using it you have to allow some time to massage it in the skin, with gentle circular movements until total absorption. At night use it 30 min before your bed time to allow the oils to work their way into your skin, rather than the pillow. Nutrition Extreme Soin Visage and Serum Nutrition Extrême can be used day/night all over the face, eyes, lips and neck.

Argan oil, phyt'ssima, dry skin, organic