MOISTURISING TIPS – Protect and Preserve

moisturising tips

~ Moisturising protects the skin and locks in moisture from external elements (such as wind, heat, etc.)

~ It brings comfort and balance to the skin.

~ A major benefit is that moisturising can be used to treat skin conditions / imbalances depending on ingredients. Anti-inflammatory (e.g. Mask Révelateur in the Balancing Line), anti-bacterial (e.g. Naturoderm in the Balancing Line), softening (e.g. Nutrition Extreme for dry skin), regulating, oxygenating (PHYT’S Reviderm)… so many properties!

~ A moisturiser should be recommended for YOUR skin: it is always good to know which type will work best for you and why. You will wear it everyday after all! Examples: for dehydrated skin, the Hydration Line Aqua; for dull skin lacking vitality, Oxygenating Line Reviderm; for the most powerful in Anti-Ageing results, Anti-Ageing Aromalliance Line; for extremely dry skin, the one and only Nutrition Extreme.

~ A moisturiser should always be worn under tinted cream and makeup (anything with a pigment is a foundation)

~ Choose a separate SPF (sun protection factor) to your daily moisturiser. You only apply your moisturiser once in the morning, so if it says it has SPF 15, it is not going to offer your skin much protection. Moisturisers are specific to your skin; SPF’s main role is to protect from UV. Combining both products dilutes the other benefit.

~ Apply small amounts of you cream and massage it in well with your fingertips.

~ Don’t be afraid to massage your skin gently and work your products around the eyes and lips. The gentle massage warms the skin and ingredients penetrate all the better. Plus, you stimulate your connective tissue: all in the name of a plump skin!

~ PHYT’S moisturisers are many and diverse so that every skin can find one to suit it. They bring essential fatty acids from vegetable oils; vitamins from vegetable, essential oils and extracts; minerals from plants, sea and earth; plant proteins to regenerate. There are 100s of plant extracts that PHYT’S use to bring the best results to every skin.