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The PHYT’S brand was created in 1972 by its founder, Jean-Paul Llopart, a French Naturopath and Biologist. He developed a unique and original concept in perfect harmony with his ecological and ethical philosophy dedicated to beauty.

1958 Emergence of organic agriculture.

1972 Creation of Phytal by Jean-Paul Llopart, naturopathic biologist, and Rosanne Verlé, beautician. In this year Phytal is already a cosmetic brand of natural origin for Beauty institutes. Revolutionary in its approach to beauty, inseparable from health, Jean-Paul Llopart then founded the foundations of “Naturo-Esthetique®”… “Beauty & health from inside & outside”. From the beginning, some of the flagship products are renowned: the famous Crème Absolue, the Gommage Contact+ Scrub and the purifying Serum C17, all still top products today.

1974 J.P. Llopart files a patent of invention because he successfully filled cream care products in glass ampoules. The following year, all products are packaged in this format. Sealed ends ensure no oxidation / activation of serum / cream and perfect hygiene: its volume corresponds to a dose for each client and upon opening pure, concentrated ingredients with fast effect.

1976 Phytal becomes PHYT’S AROMATIC. These terms refer to phytotherapy (treat by plant maceration) and aromatherapy (treat with essential oils).

1980 Creation of AB label (Biological Agriculture)

1982 The products are packaged in polyfoil tubes (3 layers so light and air cannot effect the formula) so that they can be distributed to customers for sale; in addition to some professional products for salon use.

1988 PHYT’S launches its men’s range with an after-shave lotion. This range will later become “PHYT’S Men”.

1990 The first training center for Naturo-Esthétique® opens its doors in Alenya in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

1993 100% natural food supplements. Creation of Laboratoires Jérodia and the Institut Jérodia by Mr. Thierry Logre: specialized in 100% natural food supplements in Crayssac.

2002 PHYT’S, along with other companies, participates in the creation of the Cosmebio charter, a private committee,  proof of a commitment to ethics and seriousness at the service of the consumer.

2004 Everything is accelerating. PHYT’S AROMATIC becomes PHYT’S Laboratories. PHYT’S is bought by Thierry Logre, a passionate biologist trained in phytotherapy, aromatherapy & unconventional medicines. Already at the head of a Laboratory of food supplements, he takes over the reins of the brand with the desire to keep the spirit and the difference of PHYT’S developing a wide range of organic beauty products.

2007 V.Claire Natural Cosmetics acquire distribution of PHYT’S in Ireland to proudly bring their professional treatments and homecare to attention, and to educate clientele on the benefits of natural products. The PHYT’S beauty institute opens its doors in ancient cellars in Caillac, near Cahors in the heart of Lot (France).

2008 Purchase of the Bionatural® brand, a certified body care and organic cosmetics line.

2009 PHYT’S creates their certified organic makeup.

2010 PHYT’S becomes the N°1 beauty institute in France. The brand’s R&D department creates a certified organic SPF 50 with a perfect fluid texture and non-nanoparticle. AQUA PHYT’S range, with vegetal hyaluronic acid is created.

2012 PHYT’S celebrates its 40th anniversary and acquires the Françoise Morice School (Paris).

2013 PHYT’S anti-ageing line relaunches as Aromalliance with enhanced essential oil ingredients and effect, with new desirable packaging.

2014 PHYT’Skin Rénov, the very first professional, natural and organic sugar cane glycolic treatment program is unveiled. It consists of 30% glycolic facial treatments and moisturising home care products to prepare and maintain the process through the treatment program.

2015 The Reviderm Line sees a brand new formula to the existing Crème, Masque and Serum and the introduction of Concentré Reviderm. It proves to be much more powerful for oxygenating and enlivening the skin.

2017 Aqua PHYT’S receives a formula enhancement of two types of vegetal hyaluronic acid for longer moisturising effects to the skin. Awarded innovative product of the year.

2018 The infamous Phyt’ssima Line becomes Nutrition Extreme with enhanced formulas to even better nourish, comfort and balance dry skins.