EXFOLIATION TIPS – The more gentle the better

exfoliation tips

~ An exfoliation doesn’t need to be rough! A gentle exfoliation once a week is all the face and neck needs.

~ One can exfoliate 2 / 3 times a week if they wear tan, sun cream or very heavy makeup / colorants everyday.

~ Avoid using loofahs, mitts, dry towels, sea salt, sugar, body exfoliants etc. on the face. The skin of the face and neck is delicate: these items are not friends of the face. Gentle natural exfoliants that have polished particles such as bamboo, apricot or jojoba are ingredients to look out for. Gommage exfoliators use plant cellulose (fibre) or soft clay.

~ Gentle, circular motions should be used,  not too deep or vigorous.

~ The skin should be soothed and smoothed after exfoliating, not red or hot!

~ Over application of water when rinsing should be minimal where possible, especially with hot water!

~ PHYT’S Gommage Contact+ is a soft scrub used with NO water. Apply a thin layer to the face, neck, eyelids and lips. By the time it is applied with fingertips from the neck to the forehead, it is ready to be removed. In front of the mirror and over the sink, use gentle circular motions and support the skin. The gommage will flake away from the skin adhering to dead skin cells revealing a soft, glowing and soothed skin beneath.

~ PHYT’S Activ’Peel can be used with a little water or toner and massaged gently over the face and neck. Rinse with tepid water or use a damp, soft face cloth to remove the Activ’Peel’s bamboo beads thoroughly.