TONING – It does more than you think

toning tips phyt's

~ A toner is a product which exists to remove excess cleanser and makeup, ideally (but there other benefits you will see).

~ It is not always necessary to complete your cleansing. Toning can be dependent on the type of cleanser and the type of skin.

~ A toner should definitely not sting the skin! The skin should feel refreshed and revived.

~ Avoid toners containing phenoxyethanol (or in any skincare product with this in general!)

~ Toners can have certain properties for the skin and to treat conditions such as soothing properties, anti-bacterial, brightening, etc.

~ PHYT’S Toners will remove excess cleanser and makeup, refresh the skin and treat. They also contain sea salt and potassium to balance the pH so that active ingredients can penetrate the skin appropriately and effectively. Hydration is aided also.