CLEANSING TIPS – THE most important step of your regime

cleansing tips phyt's

~ A cleanser is not simply just to remove makeup: it should have properties designated for your skin’s particular needs, as well as removing makeup and pollutants. Look for gentle cleansing products, with no phenoxyethanol or chemical glycerin which can aggravate the skin.

~ Wipes are no good: some contain phenoxyethanol and many are generally drying on the skin and the user drags at the skin to remove makeup. They contain very little or nothing at all to soften or comfort the skin, especially the eyes!

~ Rinsing with only water will not clean the skin alone, as there is nothing to emulsify oils and pollutants on the skin. Cleansing is like brushing your teeth: morning and evening!

~ Hand and body soap / gel = NO!! They will totally dehydrate and irritate the skin because their pH is too high for our skin.

~ When you have a dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, use as LITTLE water as possible on the skin. Our skin’s pH is happiest between 4.5 and 6 (5.5 being talked about as the ideal). Tap water can be 6.5 – 8 pH!! Rinsing can serve to cause MORE dryness or dehydration.

~ In Ireland, we looooove to use hot water at the sink and in the shower, and again, it’s not ideal for the skin, particularly Irish skin! It will put pressure on already delicate capillaries and can add to high colouring, acne, rosacea, anything already red and inflamed.

~ When using cotton wool with cleanser, wet the pad, squeeze out and then run gently over the skin. The fibres of dry cotton can irritate plus you will have a more effective removal with damp cotton as it glides easily over the skin.

~ If you are prone to breakouts or infection anywhere on the skin, ALWAYS use damp cotton for your cleansing removal as bacteria can build in sponges, face clothes etc.