PHYT’S Natural Skincare Cosmetics.

V.Claire Natural Cosmetics brings you the ultimate benefits of using cosmetics with proven results. Discover PHYT’S Organic Skincare: certified Ecocert BIO, 100% Natural and Organic. Professional quality, environmentally friendly and never tested on animals.

V.Claire Natural Cosmetics ethos is La Vie Claire, which means The Clear Life. We distribute PHYT’S to Ireland: a high quality and results driven range.

PHYT’S is certified by the most prestigious European labels: Ecocert and Cosmebio. It guarantees your skin with the best ingredients to achieve radiance, balance, nourishment and youthfulness.

We introduced PHYT’S Skincare in 2006 to our own salon, Virginie Claire Health & Beauty.  From then, we decided to distribute and educate beauty therapists and the public alike about INGREDIENTS and their BENEFITS for the skin. As professionals, we listen, tailor facial treatments and educate each client.

We empower our clients to understand their own skin and take control on how to choose and achieve the best results they wish for.